Amazon Joins Walmart in Unleashing Black Friday Early

Not to be outdone by Walmart, mega-retailer Amazon will unleash its Black Friday deals almost a month early. Starting tomorrow (Nov. 1), the online superstore will begin offering two Black Friday-style deals per day until the promotion wraps up in late December.

There aren't any specific details on which items will see a price drop in the next few days, but the New York Post says shoppers should expect discounts on toys, electronics and cooking appliances. Deals will rotate out daily until Dec. 22.

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Walmart will also kick off its Black Friday deals on Nov. 1, promising savings on HDTVs, laptops and Microsoft's Xbox One. Between these super-early sales and Walmart's new plan to match Amazon's pricing and free shipping, the two retailers seem more hellbent than ever on getting your holiday dollar.

Rivals such as Toys 'R' Us, Best Buy and Target will also match Amazon's prices, with the latter store offering free shipping on all online products until Dec. 20.

While it might seem nuts to think about Black Friday pushing its way to the start of November, shoppers looking to get ahead of the game might want to keep tabs (literally) on Amazon's ever-updating holiday deals page. The company offered new deals as frequently as every 10 minutes during last year's Black Friday week, so don't be surprised to see the discounts escalate when the big day draws nearer.

We'll have more info on every big retailer's digital doorbusters as they surface. Keep your eyes peeled and your wallet held tight.

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