Amazon’s massive Digital Day sale is live with discounts on movies, games, apps and more

Maren Estrada

We gave you a heads up on Thursday letting you know that Amazon had one more massive sales event planned for 2016, and now Digital Day is officially upon us. What is “Digital Day,” you might ask? It’s Amazon’s big one-day sale on just about anything you can think of that’s digital. You’re looking at deep discounts on movies, TV shows, music downloads, video games, apps, eBooks and more. The sale offers up to 50% off of Amazon’s already discounted prices, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Digital Day right here in this post.

First and foremost, the main sale page for Digital Day is right here.

On that page, you’ll find details on all of the different categories of digital content covered in this sale. You’ll also find several featured deals as well as different special sale sections such as “Dollar Deals” and “Best of 2016.” Here are some links to help you check out the best sections available in today’s big sale:

And here are a few featured deals:

Check out the rest of Amazon’s best Digital Day deals right here.

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