Amazon may slash Kindle Fire price to $149 with new models on the way

Amazon has no plans for a 10-inch Kindle Fire
Brad Reed

Amazon’s cheap Android tablet may soon get even cheaper. DigiTimes has talked with upstream supply chain sources who say that new Kindle Fire tablets are on the way and that the current Kindle Fire model could see its price cut to $149. The newer Kindle Fire, it seems, will be much like the original 7-inch Kindle Fire but with its screen resolution boosted to 1280 x 800 pixels. DigiTimes also reports that Amazon has stopped production of its planned 8.9-inch Kindle Fire model, although it still expects the 10.1-inch Kindle Fire model to go on sale some time within the next year. The Kindle Fire was initially a hot seller in the United States but demand has since tapered off and usage has even been overtaken by Barnes & Noble’s rival Nook tablet.


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