Amazon opens first in-person clothing store with high-tech twist

STORY: This is Amazon’s first in-person clothing store

and it comes with a high-tech twist

Location: Glendale, California

‘Amazon Style’ uses machine learning and palm recognition

to provide customers with personalized recommendations and fast checkouts

Just one of every item is on display, rather than dozens of colors and sizes

Customers scan a QR code to select the variation they want

(Simoina Vasen, Vice President of Amazon Style) “So I scanned it. My size is preselected and I'm going to tap 'try on'. So at this point, I've added a few things to my fitting room. I would be carrying those items with me going and waiting in line for a fitting room. We wanted to simplify this for customers, so instead here I was added to a virtual line for a fitting room. I can shop hands free and I'll get a notification in the app on my fitting rooms available. So as you'll see here, Amazon style fitting rooms are personalized for each and every customer."

Amazon Style is the company's latest attempt to move into physical retail

“We think customers should have a choice of when, where and how to shop. We know they like shopping online. We know they like shopping offline. So Amazon Style and all of our physical retail offerings are just an example of giving them the option to do so.”