Amazon reveals delivery drone prototype in video featuring Jeremy Clarkson

Amazon Prime Air

British presenter Jeremy Clarkson, formerly of "Top Gear",  revealed Amazon's future drone delivery vision in a video released on Sunday, November 29.

The video features a family "in the not too distant future" in panic before their daughter's soccer match: the dog has eaten her sneaker. But Amazon comes to their rescue with the delivery of new shoes in less than 30 minutes using a delivery drone as part of their "Amazon Air Prime" system.

The video shows footage of the drone taking off, in flight, locating its destination and landing. Clarkson explains, "In time there will be a whole family of Amazon drones, different designs for different environments". The drone will be able to fly up to 15 miles, and reach an altitude of up to 400 feet.

Other companies developing drone technology for package deliveries include Google and Wal-Mart.

You can watch the video here: