Amazon's smart thermostat falls to $48 in first ever discount

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Back in November, Amazon started selling its own smart thermostat for a price that's less than half what a Google Nest thermostat costs. Now, Amazon's smart thermostat has gotten its first price drop and is currently on sale for $48, or 20 percent off its original retail price. It's not as feature-rich as its much expensive rivals — it doesn't have motion activation, for instance — but it's a solid option for a fraction of the price. 

Buy Amazon Smart Thermostat at Amazon - $48

The device is Energy Star-certified, which means it was designed to save you an average of $50 on electric bills per year. It works with Alexa voice control, as you would expect from an Amazon product, but it doesn't have speakers or a microphone. You'll have to issue voice commands through a compatible Alexa-enabled device, such as an Echo or the Alexa app.

Once set up, Alexa can take over for you. It can set the temperature if you want it to and update it throughout the day for maximum savings potential. Through the thermostat's learning feature called Hunches, Alexa will be able to automatically adjust the temperature based on its observations. For example, it can turn down the heat if it believes that nobody's home. 

Amazon's smart thermostat also has a simple, modern design that doesn't make it look cheap despite being a budget option. The $48 device doesn't come with a C-wire power adapter. If you need the adapter, you can also get the bundle with one for $63 or 25 percent lower than its usual price, though it's currently not in stock. 

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