Amazon takes team-centric approach on remote work

In a shift, Amazon said Monday it will take a team-centric approach to its return to work policy. Andy Jassy, the company’s CEO, announced that Amazon will let individual teams decide how maNy days per week corporate employees would be expected to work in the office.

It’s a departure from a previous policy which required employees to return to office from at least 3 days a week starting in January.

Amazon, one of the largest private employers in the Unites States, will also require its employees to be close enough to their teams to be able to make it to in-person meetings with a day's notice. Exceptions will be made during a period when employees will be allowed to work for up to four weeks per year fully remotely from any location within the country of employment.

Amazon has taken to a flexible approach to reopening like tech peer Microsoft Corp, which said it would take a site-by-site approach to U.S. office reopenings.