Amazon's new IE air hub creating up to 1,000 new jobs

JOBS ALERT: Amazon's newest air hub in San Bernardino is not only helping with faster delivery across the Southland -- it's also creating up to 1,000 new local jobs!

Video Transcript


- Amazon's newest air hub to hit Southern California is not only helping with faster delivery but it's creating hundreds of new jobs. Eyewitness News reporter Marc Cota-Robles brings us a closer look through this ABC 7 Solutions Report.

MARK COTA-ROBLES: Amazon broadening its footprint in the Inland Empire with a brand new regional air hub now operating at the San Bernardino International Airport. And much like other facilities, it's big.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: It's about 700,000 square feet under roof, roughly, about 11 football fields.

MARK COTA-ROBLES: Michael Robinson, the general manager here, telling us the new site is creating up to 1,000 new jobs locally. Tiahana Gaines is one of the new hires.

TIAHANA GAINES: My plan is to eventually move up within the company. So it's a great opportunity to meet, connect, and build relationships here.

MARK COTA-ROBLES: The air hub in San Bernardino is the seventh in the state. For now, there's just one arriving and one departing flight a day, with capacity for much more as demand increases.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: We will have the ability to scale up to as much as 14 flights per day. So we have 14 [? parking ?] positions. The most exciting thing about that, we're planning for future growth.

MARK COTA-ROBLES: Mark Cota-Robles, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

- That's great news if you're looking for work.