America’s 1st K-Pop trained girl group discusses debut album, opening for TWICE on upcoming tour

VCHA is breaking boundaries in the music scene by becoming the first American group trained under the K-pop training system.

Formed on the competition music show A2K (America2Korea) last year, the group is under JYP Entertainment, one of the leading Korean entertainment companies with groups such as TWICE, ITZY, and STRAY KIDS, among many others.

<div>JYP Entertainment</div>
JYP Entertainment

"The style of K-pop is something we all had an interest in for a period of time, so just being able to see the environment that artists get to have with their fans, as well as the aspect of singing and dancing is something that really intrigued us to want to become artists ourselves," explains Kendall.

The group is one of the youngest in the industry, not just by debut date, but by age as well – each member was born between 2005 and 2009.

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While they may be young, trainees in the K-pop training system in Korea can start much earlier, so the girls got somewhat of a late start to the experience.

However, you wouldn’t know they lacked years of experience with their first single album, "Girls of the Year" released Jan. 26.

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Speaking on how this last year has gone for them, KG says, "It’s been pretty amazing. I’ve had a lot of new experiences, and it’s been a big change of life for all of us, but we’ve done things a lot of us never thought we’d I’m really looking forward to more."

But the training experience was more intense than expected for most of the members.

Speaking on if they thought the training experience was more difficult or easier than they expected, KG says, "I think it was more difficult, but in a good way. Like I really think we were so focused on improving our skills..and there’s just so much behind it, the dedication..and it really shocked me how hard the work is and stuff, but I love it."

The title "Girls of the Year" is a strong title, one that could lead to some pressure for a debut group to live up.

However, the girls are confident in their abilities and future.

"We have to put ourselves out there as the girls of the year, and so of course there is pressure, but ‘Girls of the Year’ is something we really hope to stand out with," says Kendall.

<div>JYP Entertainment</div>
JYP Entertainment

Living up to that name is an important goal for the members, as they are the first American group to debut under the K-Pop system, especially debuting under a company like JYP, and they hope their experience will open up opportunities for other artists as well.

"I think it would be cool for someone else to have something to look forward to, or to live up to, if they’re trying to get into this field as well. We can be a muse to inspire others," says Savanna.

One thing the girls have to look forward to this year is opening for the world-famous K-Pop group TWICE on their 5th World Tour this year.

TWICE, also under JYP, performed at the Tacoma Dome last year on their last world tour, and due to overwhelming demand for more, they added multiple dates in 2024, a few of which VCHA will open for, including Las Vegas on March 16.

"I think this is an honor, because we’ve always looked up to TWICE. They’ve been one of my favorite groups for such a long time, so being able to, not just meet them, but also be able to perform on that big stage with them, it’s just such a big opportunity and we are so grateful for it. We are working really hard so that we don’t disappoint anyone," says Camila.

After a successful start to 2024, the members have a message to fans.

Camila says, "Thank you for all the support and the love. Truly, it makes a difference in our daily lives. It makes us work even harder, and we always want to put out the best work for you guys

"We wouldn’t be here without them (the fans), so we really appreciate everything," adds KG.