Our America: Women Forward (Full Trailer)

Melanie Lawson is dishing about the time she interviewed Betty White, we're rooting for local 'American Idol' hopefuls and one of the NFL's toughest players is helping Houston.

Video Transcript

- For the first time in history, a woman is vice president of the United States. A woman is general manager of a Major League Baseball team. A woman will soon step foot on the moon. Women across America are flexing their power and inspiring the next generation, championed by the trailblazers who came before them. So why are we still trailing behind?

We're only 41 of the Fortune 500 CEOs, only 27% of Congress. We're promoted less at work, and we do more at home. And a global pandemic? It hasn't done us any favors. Yet, women push on. And we push each other forward together, overcoming struggles and barriers rooted in sexism to show day after day we can do it.

- We're getting close to a time when it won't be amazing that there's a woman as an astronaut or as blazing a trail, because that'll become the norm.

- For all I know, I'm sitting in the room learning and networking with, like, the next Kamala Harris.

- Since we don't have a professional league, it's my job to wake up every day and help fight for one.

- This is just the beginning, not just for me, but for all of you.

- (SINGING) I know that I can do this.

- I know that I can do this.

- This March, the ABC-owned television stations present, "Our America, Women Forward," a week-long event celebrating the women across the country, stories of perseverance, resilience, triumph, hope, achievement, strength, and power. Because we do it all.

- This is our America.

- Our America.

- Our America.

- And we're moving women forward.

- Forward.

- Forward.

- Forward.

- This is our America, and we are moving women forward.

- This is "Our America, Women Forward."

- (SINGING) I never felt so strong.