American Airlines flight makes emergency landing after people get sick

An American Airlines flight departing from Miami was forced to make an emergency landing Wednesday evening, CBS Miami reports.

Flight 338 was on its way to Barbados when it returned to Miami International Airport after multiple people became sick, the station said. Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue said firefighters began patient assessment and, out of precaution, five patients were transported to an area hospital.

American Airlines said the five people taken to the hospital were crew members and no passengers were hospitalized. Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue said 173 passengers were on the flight.

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American Airlines said the plane turned around after a chemical odor spread through the cabin from a passenger's carry-on luggage.

A source familiar with the situation told CBS News the odor was coming from nail polish remover.

The plane landed safely and passengers were offered hotel accommodations, the carrier said.

Miami-Dade Police and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded to the tarmac, CBS Miami reported, adding that Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said the plane had to land because of an emergency.

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