American ex-priest accused of abuse in East Timor

A former American priest who saved lives during East Timor’s struggle for independence is on trial in the tiny Asian country, accused of sexually abusing underage girls who lived at the shelter he founded. (April 8)

Video Transcript

MARGIE MASON: Many of the victims that I spoke to said that they felt, as children, very confused. But they also kind of felt like maybe this was the price that they had to pay to be allowed to stay in the shelter.


TONY HAMILTON: We questioned him on that and said to him, Richard, you're accused of being a pedophile and you're admitting this is true. And he said, yes, that is who I am. That is what I have always been.

MARGIE MASON: They would all gather in a circle around him. He would sit on a chair. They would pray, and they would sing hymns, and he would hold a different little girl on his lap every night. And it was this little girl who had been retire with him into his room for the night. And that's-- the abuse happened like this, systematically.



TONY HAMILTON: But the real problem with the Catholic Church and with SVD, in this case, is that they have done nothing at all for the kids that have been abused. There is a whole community that has been abused here for decades.