American Patriot's Shop provides all types of USA-themed items for Aiken

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May 29—The idea for The American Patriot's Shop came from Heather Janssen thinking Aiken needed a patriotic store.

She and her husband Ron started the business in December and have been successful since.

Located at 963 Pine Log Road in the Staples shopping center, the store offers a wide variety of items in a distinctly American flavor: shirts, hats, belts, flags, tumblers, mugs, flasks and more. Ron said the reaction from the community has been great.

"People obviously love what we're doing," Ron said.

Heather designs most of the shirts sold in the shop, with several of the items and designs being printed at local businesses, such as Ahh Sunshine.

"We believe if we're telling you to shop local, then as a business, we should, too," Ron said. "So, as much product as we can get in Aiken, we stuff in the store."

He also noted that the store tries its hardest to offer products made domestically.

"We carry as many American-made products as we can, which is actually pretty difficult," Ron said. "Most people don't understand how hard it is to find American-made products."

The couple said they also look to give back to the community by offering groups or organizations free items for raffles or giveaways. Some recent examples Ron gave included the Kentucky Derby party held at Wing Place to benefit Aiken Equine Rescue and JDubbZ in New Ellenton.

"We're donating it for a good cause," Ron said. "Whatever we can do to back the community because the community backs us. It's just that simple."

Besides buying products, Heather recommended people stop by just to fellowship with the many veterans that hang out.

"If (residents) want to hear some really good stories, come in here about 4 p.m. when you've got all these old men together, just telling stories and having a good old time," she said.

"We're here for civilians of all types, but we love our military," Ron said. "Without law enforcement, military and EMT's, what do civilians have to lean on?"