Americans divided on new CDC mask guidance

The CDC's new mask guidance suggesting fully vaccinated Americans no longer need to wear masks is creating confusion and even division. While some states and businesses are welcoming the shift, some remain hesitant. Danya Bacchus has more.

Video Transcript

ADRIANA DIAZ: America's COVID recovery isn't just on track, it's speeding ahead. New infections are falling or remaining steady across the country. That of course prompted an abrupt change en mask guidance. CBS' Danya Bacchus joins us now from Los Angeles with more. Danya, good evening.

DANYA BACCHUS: Good evening, Adriana. That change has left leaders of states, cities, and businesses like Target and CVS at odds over whether to follow the CDC's guidance or not. And those varying roles are leading to growing frustration.

- I feel liberated.

DANYA BACCHUS: Tonight, celebration and hesitation over showing face.

- I don't trust people. I know a lot are not vaccinated.

DANYA BACCHUS: The CDC's sudden shift on vaccinated Americans no longer needing to wear masks inside or out is being met with mixed reaction.

- I'm fired up to go maskless.

- I think we should still wear masks.

DANYA BACCHUS: The changes come as almost 2/3 of Americans are still not fully vaccinated. Nationwide, there's confusion over mask rules.

- Who should be? Who shouldn't be? Do we ask? Don't we ask?

DANYA BACCHUS: Starting today, masks can come off in both Virginia and Maryland. They join more than a dozen other states that announce plans to do the same. Retailers like Kroger, Target, and Home Depot keeping their mask policies. Starbucks making masks optional for the vacced starting Monday. At this Denver bar, shirts, shoes, and vaccine cards are required for service.

- When customers are here with everybody vaccinated, they don't have to social distance. They don't have to wear masks. They don't have to worry about it. It's still peace of mind and comfort.

DANYA BACCHUS: But other small business owners are now grappling with what to enforce--

- Our client's going to be upset if we ask them for proof.

DANYA BACCHUS: --and how to verify the vaccinated.

- I think it's awfully difficult for us to say, I want to see your vaccination record when people walk in.

DANYA BACCHUS: Here in California nearly half of all residents are at least partially vaccinated. But Governor Gavin Newsom says the mask mandates will stay in place through June 15. Adriana?

ADRIANA DIAZ: All right, Danya Bacchus. Thank you.