America's government is older than ever, so we made this 'Dungeons & Dragons'-inspired tabletop role-playing game to show you why the system favors gerontocracy

The cover photo of Insider's TTRPG designed to explore America's gerontocracy.
Tyler Le
  • Insider's "Red, White, and Gray" project has explored the systemic reasons the government is older than ever.

  • Play "Dungeons & Democracy," Insider's table-top role-playing game to test Congress' strengths and weaknesses.

  • You can play as an older member or a younger member in your quest to hold your seat.

For several weeks, Insider has explored the reality of America's aging government.

Congress is older than ever, and America's young people are not represented in the body at the rate they otherwise should be. The effects are felt in Congress, the White House, and across the judiciary. And the issues that fuel this reality — the incentives of seniority, the advantages of incumbents, the ascendant fundraising from retirees, the effects of redistricting — are both systemic and tough to define.

To better understand how difficult it is for younger politicians to attain and remain in office, Insider has designed a game: Welcome to "Dungeons & Democracy," a dice-based adventure inspired by Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.

Print out your character sheet — play first as a younger member, then again as an older member — get some dice and perhaps a friend to play as game master, and get ready for a journey that could take you from your sleepy home district straight to the halls of power in the US Capitol.





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