This Is How America's Military Must Compete To Win The 21st Century

Mackenzie Eaglen

Pentagon officials can’t stop talking about how artificial intelligence (AI), Big Dataroboticsmachine learning, and additive manufacturing could potentially revolutionize how wars of the future will be avoided, fought and won.

What is the one critical enabler that is common to each of these technologies? Electricity.

The military needs a lot more quality energy to power next-generation platforms, sensors, robots, AI and directed energy weapons for long periods of time. Energy comes from bases and other infrastructure, which are increasingly at risk and vulnerable.

The Pentagon is very worried about a potential enemy limiting access to installations and ranges in a conflict where critical land-based capabilities live. Of concern is an adversary’s ability to strike large centralized concentrations of U.S. forces forward stationed throughout the world. The solutions are varied and expensive. A sampling includes:

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