The amount of beer poured from taps on Super Bowl Sunday was down 46% this year

Hans Nichols
·1 min read

Americans heeding advice to skip their usual Super Bowl celebrations triggered the latest COVID ripple effect, with the amount of beer poured from taps down 46% nationally from last year — and nearly 70% in a Tom Brady-less Boston.

The big picture: Data from the Beer Board, a New York tech company that helps optimize beer flows in some 1,300 locations across the country, provided insight into which cities had the most liberal crowd policies and free-flowing taps.

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  • In Tampa, Florida, host of Super Bowl LV, pours were down just 28% from last year.

  • In Kansas City, they were off 55%.

  • In Boston, where New England fans largely watched the game from home, pour volume was poor: down 69%.

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