Amount Marietta is set to receive in opioid settlement uncertain, attorney says

Feb. 23—The city of Marietta is set to get money won in the fight against major companies over the opioid crisis.

However, the amount Marietta will receive out of roughly $20 billion, which lawyers in Rome are negotiating, remains uncertain, said Doug Haynie, the city attorney.

"The odd thing is, I cannot tell you today, nor can the attorneys in Rome tell you today, what portion will come to the cities in these settlements," Haynie said. "That is still being negotiated."

On Tuesday, the Marietta City Council's Judicial Committee approved a resolution allowing Mayor Steve "Thunder" Tumlin to sign any agreement that is finalized following negotiations.

Through the National Opioid Litigation settlements, drug companies who bear some responsibility for the opioid crisis in communities across Georgia and other parts of the U.S. will pay out billions to different locales.

According to an overview of the settlements, five companies — the pharmaceutical manufacturers Teva and Allergan and pharmacies CVS, Walgreens and Walmart — will pay more than $20 billion, with about $17 billion to be "used by participating states and subdivisions to remediate and abate the impacts of the opioid crisis."

The City Council will meet on Tuesday, March 8 for its next voting meeting in the council chambers at Marietta City Hall, 205 Lawrence St. at 7 p.m.