‘New Amsterdam’ Star Ryan Eggold on Honoring Frontline Workers Through the Show

ET's Rachel Smith spoke to actor Ryan Eggold about his show, 'New Amsterdam,' returning tonight to NBC.

Video Transcript

- "New Amsterdam" is back tonight on NBC.

- Yep. And the pandemic will be a big topic for season three.

- Well, what can you tell me about these guys?

RYAN EGGOLD: You have to honor the story that you're telling, which is these frontline workers and the sacrifice that they've made for a year now.


- Ryan himself battled COVID last spring, But didn't talk openly about it at the time.

RACHEL SMITH: I'm glad to hear that you are doing better. You have your taste. You have your sense of smell.

RYAN EGGOLD: Yes, yes. I put my shoes on backwards now, but it's fine.

- I didn't know that was a side effect.

- What? You do that every day?

- You better stop.

- Just saying. Take care everybody.

- Take care everybody.