Amy Adams joined Instagram to read books aloud to children affected by the coronavirus

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Amy Adams
Actress Amy Adams created an Instagram account on Monday to support children affected by the coronavirus.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

"Vice" actress Amy Adams held out on joining Instagram until Monday. She created an account amid the coronavirus outbreak to help children affected by it. 

"I've decided to finally join to shine a spotlight on kids across the country who need our help and support during this difficult time," Adams wrote in her first post Monday.

In her post, Adams introduced an Instagram and Facebook account called @savewithstories, where children who aren't able to attend school in person can listen to — and watch — celebrities read books. Actress Jennifer Garner also helped to launch the initiative. More than 2 million US students are not in school. 

Amy Adams read a book written by her daughter 

For her first book reading, which she read aloud on Instagram, Adams chose "The Dragon Princess," which was written by her daughter and illustrated by her husband. 

amy adams
Adams plans to read stories aloud on Instagram to help occupy children who are now at home.

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP

Money donated to the initiative will go to feeding and educating children affected by the coronavirus

Donations to the initiative will go to the nonprofits Save the Children and No Kid Hungry, which provide food and educational materials to children all year round, and whose services will be needed even more amid the pandemic. Later, money raised from the effort will also go to afterschool and summer programs that help kids who need extra support for time lost in the classroom. 

Garner and Adams also appeared in a video together in another video on Instagram to help publicize the effort.

"Thirty million children rely on school for food, and with school closures across the country, these children are extra vulnerable," Adams said in the video. 

Both actresses signed off from by encouraging fans to stay strong.

"There is so much goodness and love in the world!" Garner said. "And we can get through this together," Adams added.  

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