Amy Adams, Laura Dern for adopted son story 'The Most Fun We Ever Had'

US actress Amy Adams and US actress Laura Dern

Amy Adams of "Sharp Objects" and Laura Dern of "Big Little Lies" are joining forces for HBO's adaptation of the Claire Lombardo novel "The Most Fun We Ever Had," about four sisters and their imperfect marriages in the spotlight of their own parents' perfect love.

Claire Lombardo is adapting her June 2019 novel "The Most Fun We Ever Had" for HBO.

The story, originally set in the American Midwest, follows the four daughters of Marylin and David Sorensen, each of whom is living out the consequences of variously imperfect relationships.

It was Lombardo's debut and is now being turned into an HBO series, involving Amy Adams ("American Hustle," "Arrival," HBO's "Sharp Objects") and Laura Dern ("Jurassic Park," "Wild", HBO's "Big Little Lies").

Each of the actresses also owns a production company.