Ana Liss Says Working For Governor Andrew Cuomo ‘Was Toxic, Retaliatory, Hostile’

As another of his accusers is speaking out, Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s mother and sister have rushed to his defense. Ana Liss told WROC in Rochester over the weekend that her former workplace is “toxic,” adding that Albany environment is not safe for women. CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reports.

Video Transcript

ANA LISS: His actions made me feel really nervous, like he sees me now, now what? So you kind of just freeze.

MARCIA KRAMER: Ana Liss was a Policy and Operations Aide in the Cuomo administration starting in 2013 nearly a decade ago, saying that her interactions with the governor were similar to the accusations of other young women who have come forward to accuse the governor of acting inappropriately.

ANA LISS: He approached me and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, put his hand around my waist, and we took that picture together.

MARCIA KRAMER: The incident was at a celebration of four years of on time budgets.

ANA LISS: And at the time I was-- I thought that was wonderful, and everybody was talking about it. And oh, the governor likes you, and he thinks you're cute. And I realize now that I wish that the environment were a little bit different for young women, young attractive women in Albany.

MARCIA KRAMER: Ana Liss also talks about another of the governor's accusers, Lindsay Boylan, the first to come forward in a series of tweets last December in what might have been an attempt at damage control.

ANA LISS: I remember thinking, wow, that's dangerous. Good luck to you. I would never open my mouth, like they're going to crush you like a bug. Two days after she posted the tweet, I got a phone call from Rich Azzopardi, who is a senior advisor to the governor and his spokesperson. And he asked me, I have kind of an awkward question to ask you, has Lindsey Boylan reached out to you? Have you spoken to her? And I said, no. And then when we hung up, I remember thinking, how many other people is he calling?

MARCIA KRAMER: This as the governor's family is finally speaking out, Matilda Cuomo was front and center with her son at the naming of the Mario Cuomo bridge, telling the "Albany Times Union" quote, "I have always had the utmost admiration for Andrew, and I still do. He is my son, and I don't like what is going through." Cuomo's sister Maria Cuomo Cole saying, quote, "Our family is all rallied around him. He has our 100% confidence."

While the controversy continued unabated, the governor was in Syracuse at another vaccine site trying to focus on doing his job. Meanwhile, the governor is seeming to pick up support from over two dozen Democratic assembly women urging people to let the attorney general's investigation run its course before they jump to conclusions. I'm Marcia Kramer, CBS 2 News.