Ana Navarro rips news outlets for devoting more airtime to Queen Elizabeth than to Hurricane Fiona

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Critics led by “The View” co-host Ana Navarro have lit into major media outlets for blanket coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral as Hurricane Fiona devastates Puerto Rico.

“Folks, I respect the Queen as much as the next person,” Navarro tweeted Monday. “I offer my condolences to the Brits and all who loved her. But can I please get some news and footage of the effects of Fiona in Puerto Rico? For those who need reminding, they are American citizens in distress.”

“The View” was preempted by coverage of the Queen’s funeral, and many major broadcast networks and cable channels were covering the historic ceremony live. Queen Elizabeth II died on Sept. 8 at age 96, the longest-serving monarch the United Kingdom had ever seen.

Others joined in the questioning, while still speaking of the importance of the Queen.

“I am an admirer of Queen Elizabeth II and will watch her funeral,” tweeted law professor and Former chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter. “Still, U.S. news outlets should spend at least as much time today reporting on our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico who are without electricity, food and fresh water.”

Fiona hit Puerto Rico on Sunday afternoon as a Category 1 storm drenching parts of the U.S. territory with up to 30 inches of rain in the central mountains, and cutting off power and water as pumping stations failed.

About 1.3 million people were still without power Monday as LUMA Energy, the main power utility in Puerto Rico, warned of a slow restoration process starting with hospitals and airports. Only about 30% of the island has running water. More than 1,000 people had been rescued from floodwaters, rooftops and elsewhere.

Rain continued to drench the island as the storm pulled away on Monday, heading for the Dominican Republic as it barrelled toward Turks and Caicos.