Analyst: NY is getting more than Trump tax returns

The Supreme Court has declined to halt the turnover of former President Trump's tax records to a New York state prosecutor. Michael Graetz, of Columbia Law School, says officials will be getting eight years of Trump's taxes and other records (Feb. 22)

Video Transcript

MICHAEL GRAETZ: Well, there's an awful lot of information [? here ?] that Vance and the grand jury will-- will receive. I mean, they're-- they're not only getting the tax returns, they're also getting the accountants' work papers. They're getting the engagement letters. That is what did Trump asked them to do and under what circumstances. They're getting eight years of returns and all of that other information.

Now, of course, the rub is that you and I are not likely to learn anything from it, because grand jury material and testimony is secret. And only if Trump is indicted will we find out more about what the grand jury has learned.

I do think it's-- I do think it's important that Vance has wanted this information that he's now taken it to the Supreme Court twice, and that Trump has not wanted him to have this information. And he's tried to block it all the way through the Supreme Court twice. So you know, one expects that this is just another small chapter in what's going to be a fairly long, unfolding story.