’An anarchist district? What the f--k?’ New Yorkers take issue with Department of Justice insult

Lost in all the bitter talk about anarchy and lawlessness in New York City is the strange reality that it is now the U.S. Justice Department advocating to defund the nation’s largest police department.

By designating the Big Apple and two other American cities as “anarchy jurisdictions,” U.S. Attorney William Barr seems to be setting the stage to restrict New York City from federal grants that would help fund, among other things, the city’s police department.

What say New Yorkers?


“An anarchist district? What the f--k?” said angry New Yorker Theja Talla, 25. “Barr has no concept of what anarchy means. I don’t know what Barr is using as his definition of anarchy. Some may say it’s a lack of order, but that’s not true in New York City."

“Every Saturday morning at Tompkins Square Park there’s a big food drive for people in need. We are seeing that community organizers are coming together to help others and establish some order. People are not just on the streets rioting for no reason," she said.

Other New Yorkers had a more tongue-in-cheek response.

“I’m in NYC. No anarchy in my area except money laundering through banks by Russian Oligarchs to finance campaigns,” tweeted one sarcastic resident.

“Can’t spell anarchy without NYC,” someone else tweeted, along with a picture of a sun-dappled city park.

That Barr’s insult came on a day being celebrated as National New York Day at the beginning of Climate Week as the U.N. General Assembly is in session on Manhattan’s East Side didn’t help matters.

Enlightened New Yorkers, like public defender Scott Hechinger, took the cynical swipe in stride,

“I was able to document the `anarchy' in NYC yesterday after my 5 mile bike ride with my son and wife yesterday,” Hechinger wrote on social media Monday. “Truly terrifying.”

Hechinger’s taunting tweet was accompanied by a video of his bike ride that featured scenic views from DUMBO of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

The other cities on Barr’s list were Portland and Seattle.

New Yorker James Kinzer took to Twitter to address the issue in practical terms.

“If NYC has anarchy, is alternate side parking still enforced?” Kinzer asked.

“NYC’s anarchy on full display,” tweeted activist and artist Shannon Galpin, along with a picture of eight well-behaved dogs out for a walk. “Won’t somebody put an end to this violence? Law and order is desperately needed.”

Edward Ingram, 54, a retired postal worker, was not so sarcastic. He said President Trump is just trying to distract the electorate.

“To me it just means he’s just trying to divert from what he’s doing, trying to make it look like he’s not the one doing the wrong thing,” Ingram said.

“It’s just politics,” said Keon, 28, who was walking to work amid the peace and quiet at Brooklyn’s Cypress Hills Playground. ""He will say anything to get elected."


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