Anderson Court Apartment Fire In Del Paso Heights

Firefighters say one person has been rushed to the hospital after a large fire tore through an apartment complex in Del Paso Heights early Friday morning.

Video Transcript

- Investigators are searching for suspects in two separate homicides. A man was shot last night on College Oak Drive near American River College in Sacramento County. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. No word on a suspect.

- And police are looking for the gunman in a deadly shooting in Sacramento's Oak Park neighborhood. Police say a man was shot last night on Fifth Avenue near McClatchey Park. He later died at the hospital.

- Fierce flames, a man is in critical condition and a number of families are without a place to live after an overnight fire at a Sacramento apartment complex.

- People who live in the complex say the man jumped from a second story window and landed on a car. Here's CBS 13's Dina [? Kupfer. ?]

DINA KUPFER: Fast moving flames engulfing this apartment complex on Anderson Court in the middle of the night.

- We have a well-involved two story house. We have multiple exposures.

DINA KUPFER: Crews getting the call just before 4:00 AM. More than 50 firefighters responding.

- They woke me up and I got my dog and I got out.

DINA KUPFER: A frantic night for neighbors who barely had enough time to get out.

LORETTA OWENS: It was crazy. It was like just, man, fire everywhere.

DINA KUPFER: Loretta Owens, who lives nearby, smelled what she thought was wire burning and rushed outside.

LORETTA OWENS: I walked up there to check, and I said, there's something in your room sparking. And he goes, they went poof! They just kept whatever just blew up from there, just took over. Took over everything.

DINA KUPFER: She says a man jumped from a second story window to escape the flames, landing on a car below.

LORETTA OWENS: The old man jumped out the window. He fell and hit the back of the car. There was a car there. He hit his head and everything. His back is all burned.

- So we got one victim on the alpha side. One victim on the alpha side.

DINA KUPFER: Fire crews say everyone else who lived at the complex got out safely. The Red Cross is now assisting multiple families with a place to stay.

- Wow, those flames were intense. Sac Fire says the man who jumped was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.