Anderson High School to reopen Monday with additional security

Nov. 18—ANDERSON — Anderson High School is expected to reopen Monday with additional security measures after a student was taken into police custody Thursday for being in possession of a handgun.

The high school and D26 career center were closed Friday while administrators and Anderson police performed a sweep of the building.

"This is just to ensure there are no additional safety threats in the building," said Brad Meadows, director of community engagement for Anderson Community Schools. "We want to allow students, staff and family to have peace of mind."

Anderson Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Joe Cronk explained in an email Friday that a student had reported another student sharing on social media that they had a gun in their possession. School staff and police were able to detain the student and secure the weapon without further incident.

"Let me be clear, because I know there has been a lot of speculation on social media," Cronk said. "There was one handgun, not multiple or more powerful weapons. Furthermore, the gun was never discharged and no one was injured."

Cronk said that ACS will not provide the identity of the student since they are a minor.

"ACS disciplinary procedures will be followed and the Anderson Police Department will continue their investigation," he said.

Anderson Police Chief Mike Lee said Thursday that the student had been taken to the juvenile correction center and the juvenile justice system will handle the case.

Starting next week, additional safety measures will be in place at the high school including additional police officers in the building and wand metal detectors.

Cronk wished to acknowledge the student who reported the concern.

"This allowed us to prevent a situation that could have been much worse," he said. "Counselors will be available for staff and students next week that need them."