Andie MacDowell says her grey hair has made her dating life ‘better’

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(Getty Images)

Andie MacDowell revealed how her dating life has changed since embracing her grey hair and how she’s open to falling in love again.

The 64-year-old actor was asked about dating and if she’s received any “male attention” since going grey during a recent interview with The Sunday Times. MacDowell says while her romantic life has improved, she still wants men to “appreciate” her for who she is now.

“It’s better. I might have looked younger and more acceptable to someone before, but I want to be appreciated for where I am, for my age,” she told the publication.

“And the response from men has been, ‘You look beautiful.’ I think my eyes look greener and it has made them pop in a way they didn’t before.”

She also noted that while she’s not on the dating apps, she “could relate to” finding comfort in being on her own. Upon finding a stationary card of a woman in her fifties dressed up and lying in bed, MacDowell said that when she noticed that the card read, “Alone at last,” she “laughed so hard”.

However, she still said that if she connected with someone on a “romantic” level, she would “accept” a new relationship.

“If somebody came in and enhanced my life, someone I was going to be romantic with, you know, sexual with, maybe,” she said. “I would accept it.”

The former fashion model went on to acknowledge how relationships “just don’t show up” and that she has currently been more focused on her “friendships” than her love life.

“To tell you the truth they just don’t show up,” she explained. “And I’m not going on an app. It’s not going to happen. My friends keep encouraging me to be in relationships. But I said, you know what really matters to me right now are friendships. And I’m working really hard on that. And why can’t that be enough?”

 (Getty Images for Tribeca Festiva)
(Getty Images for Tribeca Festiva)

Elsewhere in the interview, MacDowell spoke about how people reacted when she decided to embrace her natural grey hair and stopped dyeing it brown. She expressed how “relieved” she was that fans and peers “weren’t cruel.”

“They could have been mean to me. But everybody was very loving and kind and I was relieved because I really like it. I feel more comfortable,” she explained.

The Four Weddings and a Funeral star also said that even though she was advised not to let her grey hair grow, she didn’t agree.

“People kept saying to me, ‘It’s not time,’ but I disagreed. I was kowtowing to everybody else’s beliefs, but I truly want to be where I am and look my age,” she added.