Andrew Whitworth hints at Rams’ alternate uniform being a yellow throwback

There isn’t a lot to get excited about in the NFL during the dog days of June, but Los Angeles Rams fans are anxiously awaiting the release of the team’s new alternate uniform. It’s scheduled to be revealed at some point between July 2 and the start of training camp on July 25, but the Rams haven’t shared any details about what the look will be.

Andrew Whitworth has apparently seen the new uniform, however, and he likes it. He told Chris Long on the “Green Light” podcast that the uniform sharp and is a throwback to the old Rams uniforms, hinting that the jersey will be yellow.

“This year, another jersey and uniform is coming out that’s really sharp. It kind of has a throwback to the old Rams unis with the yellow and everything,” he said. “I’m looking forward to it. I’m excited about these unis. I think they’re going to continue to grow. Who knows? There’s no telling what gradient thing we’re going to add next to our uniforms. It’s another testament to how long I’ve played in the league.”

Whitworth’s comments contradict what Johnny Hekker said on Reddit back in March when a fan speculated that the new jersey will be yellow. Hekker simply replied by saying, “Doubtful,” pouring cold water on the idea.

But it’s very likely that the Rams hadn’t shown their players the alternate uniform three months ago. Whitworth has clearly seen it, so his take on the new uniform is certainly notable.

Back in 1994, the team’s final season in Los Angeles before moving to St. Louis, the Rams wore an alternate yellow uniform, which can be seen on Jerome Bettis in the photo above. Then when the NFL introduced its “Color Rush” program, the Rams wore an all-yellow uniform set sparingly, which was polarizing among fans.

It shouldn’t be long before the team reveals the alternate uniform in full, but until then, all we have to go off of is Whitworth’s tease.