Andy Burnham re-elected as Mayor of Greater Manchester

Andy Burnham’s re-election as the Mayor of Greater Manchester is a rare victory in Labour’s fast-crumbling “red wall” in the north. He won a second term as mayor with an increased share of the vote, on an increased turnout, from 2017.

Video Transcript


ANDY BURNHAM: Levelling up is achieved when you give all people the dignity of decent work with wages that don't have to be topped up by visits to the food bank and when we have the kind of jobs here which means our young people don't have to move South to get on in life, which I had to do 30 years ago. Better jobs, better homes, better transport, these will be my top priorities.

To the prime minister, I say, work with us, make it happen more quickly, show us you're serious about levelling us up with London. It's in your interests and it's in ours. The time for debates is over. It is time to deliver.