Andy Reid on facing Tom Brady in the Super Bowl 11 years later, and when he knew Patrick Mahomes could handle pressure

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke with the media on Feb. 1 about how this Super Bowl is different from any other, when he knew Patrick Mahomes could handle pressure, and what it’s like to face Tom Brady again after facing him in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Video Transcript

ANDY REID: Listen, this is different because of this-- what we're doing right now. And we're here in Kansas City, as opposed to being in Tampa. Last year, we would have already been in Miami doing our thing so-- down there-- but I don't think you have quite as many distractions as maybe what you'd have in a normal Super Bowl week when you're at a facility. But you still know it's there. You still know that there's a game ahead that is a Super Bowl. And you're able to focus on that part of it probably a little bit better, I would probably say.

Yeah, I think naturally you take things away. I mean, whether it's the set-up of the stadium to the hotel to the, obviously, to the field and the game and the players involved in it. But it will be different, too. It is a Super Bowl. They are healthy. They will have changeups for us, as we go. I mean, they're well coached. And they've got a lot of veteran players there that you can give things to and as changeup pitches for whatever opponent they're playing.

So we know we'll see some different things and need to adjust to them and go from there. Likewise, we go through the same thing. I mean, there are things that we'll show that they'll have to adjust to. I think both teams will know each other's base ground formations and tendencies and those type of things, yeah.

Well, 700 yards against Oklahoma probably wasn't bad. That was a pretty big moment for Texas Tech and for Patrick and for him to be able to do that. You know, I'm sure Tom's heard that same thing said about him. I mean, nobody's done it like he has over the years and big moments. So I think that's why Tom probably stopped by the locker room and talked to Patrick. He saw himself a little bit right there in Patrick. And so-- and there's that mutual respect.

Not a lot of guys have that ability to do that. And the fans are lucky to have these two in the game opposing each other, playing against each other because of that. I mean, just that fact right there that Tom mentioned I think is worth every dime you could spend on a ticket right there, just watching those two operate.

I don't see much difference--


ANDY REID: --which is quite an amazing thing. He is a special guy. And he's done a great job keeping himself football-young. And his arm is still alive. His will to win is alive. And he's been fun to watch over the years.