Angelina Jolie Shares Photos from Her Trip to Pakistan amid Devastating Floods

Photo credit: Andrewoberstadt
Photo credit: Andrewoberstadt
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Angelina Jolie continues to put her charitable work first as nations across the globe cope with trauma caused by natural disasters, political turmoil, poverty, and lack of resources.

Yesterday, the actress, director, and philanthropist shared an Instagram post featuring various photos from her recent trip to Pakistan, amid the devastating floods in the country. Between shots of her alone and with locals, she included slides with facts about the tragedy.

"Last week I was in Pakistan with @rescueorg and local organizations, to witness the devastation caused by severe flooding which submerged 1/3 of the country’s land," she wrote in the caption. "33 million people are affected, and over 6 million need emergency humanitarian assistance."

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Due to the ongoing climate change crisis, the country has seen heavy rains and floods in the past few months. These have impacted at least 33 million people and submerged one third of the country under water.

The International Rescue Committee, which Jolie partnered with to visit the area, is an organization that responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps locals "survive, recover, and rebuild."

In her post, Jolie also noted that Pakistan still hosts over 1 million Afghan refugees, who, now because of the floods, are unable to return safely to their homes. "Those I was able to reach were still in shock from having fled the Taliban, and now knowing the country they have fled to is in an emergency," she wrote. "The level of trauma and compound trauma is severe. Please learn and follow what is happening. Be aware of the climate catastrophe that we are seeing more regularly. Push governments to understand that lack of fair trade, rising emissions and failure to address conflicts are causing more death and suffering to millions of families around the world."

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