Angels special unit brings back two Ukrainian marines from occupied territory

Ihor Kopytin, member of the Verkhovna Rada (the parliament of Ukraine) Committee for National Security, Defence and Intelligence, has reported that the other day, two marines were brought back from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, one of whom was wounded.

Source: Kopytin on Telegram

Quote from Kopytin: "As a result of a complex special operation, it was possible to bring back two marines, one of whom was wounded, from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine."

Details: Kopytin reported that now the marines are safe at one of the bases of the Ukrainian Navy.

The special operation was carried out by a unit, which is often referred to as "Angels", for a considerable number of successful rescue operations.


On 1 December, Ukraine and Russia conducted another round of exchange of prisoners of war in the "50 for 50" format; specifically, Ukraine brought back the defenders of Mariupol, whom the Russians had held at Olenivka prison.

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