Anglers young and old attend Fishing Expo

Jan. 24—CORBIN — The 5th annual Kentucky Fishing Expo hosted by Pittsburg Marine took over the Corbin Arena this past weekend.

Pro fishermen Wesley Strader and Charlie Evans were on hand as special guests — giving demonstrations for anglers young and old. Characters from Paw Patrol and the gang also stopped by to encourage little anglers to get outdoors and go fishing.

Over 76 vendors from all across the U.S. gathered at the event — providing the opportunity to see the latest releases in fishing equipment, boats and custom baits.

Matt Eisenbacher, custom bait maker from Montana, said events like these give a lot of options for fishermen to see new products before the big companies have them available.

"I can make custom baits right here," Eisenbacher said. "People seem to be excited."

In addition to special vendors and speakers, the event provided opportunities for the community to gather at a swap meet to trade and sell used fishing equipment.

Major League Fishing-Bass Pro Tour fisherman Wesley Strader, keynote speaker, told The Times-Tribune that he enjoys attending and speaking at events like the Kentucky Fishing Expo.

"I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, from multi-millionaires to those who barely have two nickels to rub together," Strader stated. "There's a whole lot of great people who come together at these events because they love the same thing: Fishing."

Strader shared his knowledge on cold water jerk bait fishing at his Saturday seminar.

"Your right here in the heart of Lake Cumberland, in deep clear water," Strader shared. "It's the perfect scenario for jerk bait fishing in the winter time for bass and that's why I chose to speak on this topic."

Young anglers shared much excitement about special guest Sky and Marshall from Paw Patrol. Pro fisherman Charlie Evans met with children for a free photo with the Paw Patrol crew.

"Paw Patrol's Sky and Marshall are here to encourage kids to get outdoors as a family unit," Evans stated. "Get outside, free from electronic prison and enjoy some time outdoors. A great way to do that is fishing."

Strader gave some advice for those who may dream of becoming pro like himself.

"If you have a dream or something you want to do — it doesn't even have to pertain to fishing — you have to have a passion for it," Strader exclaimed. "You will never be successful at anything in life unless you have a passion for it. Whether it be bass fishing or business, you must have a passion for what you are doing to be successful."

"We hope to continue to grow this event every year," Ken Moore, who helped plan the event, said.