Homeowner Gets Revenge On Commuter Parked In Her Drive


The commuter’s car blocked in by the gravel (SWNS)

A fed-up homeowner got sweet revenge on a commuter who parked on her drive by blocking his car with a one tonne bag of gravel.

Infuriated Julie Geue parked the bag behind the unwelcome car after the commuter had left his vehicle on her drive in Crowborough, East Sussex, before heading to a nearby train station.

Geue’s driveway was due to be gravelled when the man parked in her drive, meaning works could not carried out.

So the 48-year-old took her retribution by using the gravel meant for her four-car driveway for an entirely different reason.

It was two days before the hapless commuter moved his car.

Geue said the driver, who returned to his car after work claimed he was meant to be parking at a friend’s house, but got confused.

But Julie said: “The offender in this case claims to have made a genuine error and got confused about which house he should be parking in front of.

"Unfortunately, after over ten years of putting up with lazy, obnoxious and rude, often threatening, people doing the this I no longer care if it’s a genuine mistake or not.”

She even posted a note, attached to a trowel in the gravel, which said: “Happy digging, at least it’s not raining.”