Angry locals set fire to COVID-19 checkpoint in Indonesia amid economic problems

A group of angry residents set fire to a COVID-19 checkpoint in Indonesia in a protest at lockdown restrictions. Flames broke out at the police post in Merangin District, Jambi Province, Indonesia, on Tuesday night (May 19). The alleged arsonists behind the attack also damaged the local village government office. Police believe the group were angry at lockdown measures put in place to stop the coronavirus, which has left them struggling financially. Government cash aid is also said to have not arrived. The police and military in Merangin fielded troops to secure the situation. Officers collected evidence and examined a number of witnesses. Merangin Resort Police Chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Mokhamad Lutfi, said that his office was investigating this case. He confirmed the information regarding the burning motive. He said: "People are disappointed that they cannot get financial aid. We are exploring the case.'' Lutfi explained that investigators were still searching for suspects from the fire in Renah Pembarap Village.

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