Angry mom sprays school principal with mace, Ohio cops say. ‘That’s the guy I want’


A 27-year-old Ohio mother is accused of spraying a school principal with mace after he and fellow staff stopped her from entering the building, police say.

Officers with the Elyria Police Department responded to Hamilton Elementary School after 9 a.m. on April 18, following the alleged assault, according to a police report.

That morning, the principal was greeting students in the hallways when he noticed an assistant principal, who is seven months pregnant, and another school administrator trying to prevent an angry parent from getting inside through a side door, the report said. It is an “unauthorized doorway.”

The principal went to see what was happening and recognized the parent as he got closer, the report said. She recognized him as well, saying “that’s the guy I want,” as she began yelling obscenities at him, according to the report.

The assistant principal told police that the parent was “extremely upset” and screaming expletives within view of students, according to the report.

She was escorted outside, but as the principal attempted to close the door, she aimed a can of mace attached to her keys and sprayed him in the face, the report said.

When officers arrived minutes later, the parent was gone, but police “clearly observed that (the principal) was dealing with the effects of being maced,” the report said. Additionally, surveillance video captured the assault.

The parent turned herself in at the Elyria Police Station at around 10:45 a.m., according to police. She was arrested on a charge of assault on a school official and criminal trespass.

Elyria is roughly 30 miles southwest of downtown Cleveland.

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