Angry woman creatively takes revenge on cheating ex

A TikTok user has divided the internet after sharing how she took revenge on her cheating ex. On Jan. 11, user @hollynicoleeee_ uploaded a video of herself throwing glitter all over her ex’s apartment . while Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” played in the background. She tossed the glitter everywhere. No room or piece of furniture was spared. On TikTok, the response to @hollynicoleeee_’s revenge tactic has been mixed. In a series of follow-up videos, @hollynicoleeee_ shared her ex’s response to the glitter. “That’s childish as f***,” he said. “So is ghosting me and not giving back my things,” @hollynicoleeee_ replied. “And sleeping with [redacted] and I at the same time”