Animal Crossing: Bear Family Saunters Across Yellowstone Bridge

A visitor to Yellowstone National Park did not mind being held up in traffic by a family of bears moseying across a bridge.

This footage was shot by Cindy Shaffer, a Montana native who regularly posts footage from visits to Yellowstone National Park and the nearby Grand Tetons National Park.

Shaffer’s footage shows a bear and two cubs slowly stroll across Gardner River Bridge. At one point, the cubs lie on their backs and begin to play.

Speaking in the clip, Shaffer said: “You never know what you’ll see in Yellowstone.” Credit: Cindy Shaffer via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Well, we got them the mama grizzly here. She's coming across the bridge. Two little babies. Look at this. Oh my God. And you're at the Gardener River Bridge and the mom is confused. She's trying to cross. We're on one side of the bridge and there's a Jeep on the other, you can see. And we're just sitting here letting her figure out which way to go. How beautiful is this. Look at them.

This is just amazing. The highlight of my day. Oh my God. This is beautiful. Look at her. She's walking right towards us. So amazing. You never know what you're going to see in Yellowstone. And I always say, it ain't over till it's over. I am almost home, and look what I got. Wow. This is incredible.

Oh my God, this is the cutest. There's one car here right in front of me that's blocking the road so nobody can go through until they figure out which way they're going.