Animal shelter hoping adoptions can help save dogs from distemper outbreak

It's been a challenging month for Cincinnati Animal CARE. They've been trying to navigate an outbreak of Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) at the shelter. 35 dogs have died this month due to the virus. That's the most dogs to die in one month in the shelter's history. According to most recent test results, 71 dogs have tested positive for CDV since the start of the outbreak earlier this month. 118 have tested negative. In the meantime, 4210 Dane Avenue has become the new temporary intake facility. “This where all new dogs are coming in, so they don't get exposed to CDV at the shelter,” said Ray Anderson, with Cincinnati Animal CARE. “We still have dogs in isolation there and it spreads very easily when dogs are in that close of quarters." Now another hurdle for the shelter… Anderson said the temporary shelter is filling up quickly.