Animals evacuated from Virginia ahead of Hurricane Florence

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    Hearty thanks and a round of applause for the good people who are helping to get the animals about of harm's way.
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    Take your animals with you! Look what happened after Katrina. It was the largest disaster for pets ever.
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    Thank you wonderful caring humans for taking the time to save these precious animals. I would never leave my pets. No matter how big or small they would be with me.
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    Aww, they're so cute...and I'm glad they'll be kept out of harm's way. Please, people, don't leave your pets behind...they simply cannot fend for themselves!
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    I live in Southeast Alabama and if there are any animal shelters that can not find space YOU ARE WELCOME HERE! I have a HUGE fenced in back yard that have some areas separately fenced off along with a enclosed garage space and other spaces through out the house. IF you need help contact me!!
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    Thomas K
    The left wing news media is already writing the stories blaming Trump for the hurricane and hurricane reliefe. Doesn't matter what Trump does the stories will be negative
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    Why ship all the food out of the area?