Anitta Has Ripped Abs In A Metallic Bra And Thong Leggings In These IG Pics

Anitta Has Ripped Abs In A Metallic Bra And Thong Leggings In These IG Pics
  • Anitta just dropped some pics on Instagram that show off her amazing Carnival outfit.

  • In the photos, the singer is rocking a cut-out, metallic bra top and matching thong leggings that put her sculpted abs on full display.

  • Anitta focuses on fueling up with plant-based foods, but she loves some feijoada once in a while.

Carnival is coming up in a few weeks, and Anitta already has her outfit on lock.

The Brazilian singer casually dropped several photos of herself in a futuristic look to let fans know exactly what she’ll be wearing during Carnival. “Ready for #Carnaval in Florianópolis,” she wrote in the caption.

Okay, but we need to talk about this outfit… The look features a molded metallic bra with matching Super Woman-style arm cuffs over spandex pants with an exposed thong. Anitta accessorized the whole thing with chunky silver earrings and her majorly ripped, six-pack abs.

The comments of Anitta’s post were packed with things like “perfect” and “beautiful,” along with enough fire emojis to melt Instagram which only makes sense considering the heat she's bringing in these photos.

Anitta has been all about giving her jacked abs some air lately. Exhibit A:

And exhibit B:

When it comes to her workout routines, Anitta has shared little behind the scenes snippets of just how she tones that core (and everything else). For starters, she digs outdoorsy activities. The 29-year-old shared a bunch of pics earlier this month of herself hitting the ski slopes with some buddies:

She’s also into hiking, and recently dropped photos of herself and a bunch of friends trekking through the woods:

Anitta focuses on strength training, too, which is hardly shocking given those abs. She recently shot an ad for Adidas where you can see her doing weighted squats, dumbbell bench presses, and various stretches like a pro.

And, of course, she doesn’t slack off during performances. Anitta can regularly be seen doing squats, jumps, twists, and twerking for days when she is performing on stage for a show. Trust me, that requires some serious cardio.

For example, this Amazon Music Live show was basically 80 percent twerking, which is a major thigh and booty toner:

To fuel up for all that dancing and working out, Anitta tends to focus on a plant-based diet. However, she also told Billboard that her guilty pleasure is feijoada, a soup with beans, beef, and pork.

Keep on doing you, Anitta!

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