Anjanette Young Sues Chicago Police, City of Chicago For Wrong Raid

CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini reports Anjanette Young, the innocent woman who was handcuffed naked by the Chicago Police Department, sued the city and officers involved in the botched raid that sparked national outcry.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news, the lawyer representing an innocent woman handcuffed naked in a wrong raid just filed a lawsuit against the city, just the city and several police officers. CBS 2 who broke the story last year and was first to reveal video of that botched raid in December. Mayor Lori Lightfoot indicated at the time the city would settle the case. But CBS 2 investigator Dave Savini reports tonight it's too late now.

KEENAN SALTER: They viewed Miss Young as less than human.

DAVE SAVINI: Do you think the city really cares?

KEENAN SALTER: Right now, based on everything that's occurred in this case, it doesn't seem like it.

DAVE SAVINI: Anjanette Young's attorney, Keenan Salter, says he's taking the city to court, suing the Chicago Police Department along with all of the officers who wrongly raided Young's home in February of 2019.

- You've got the wrong house!

- Door's open! Going in! Watch the right!

DAVE SAVINI: The botched raid is one of dozens of cases the CBS 2 investigators have uncovered since 2017 involving innocent people having their homes raided because police didn't even do the basic research they're supposed to do to make sure they got the right place.

ANJANETTE YOUNG: What man in there doesn't have a mom, or a sister, or a daughter, and could have compassion for a woman that's standing here naked?

DAVE SAVINI: Young's raid carrying an even deeper level of trauma and humiliation because she was naked when police busted in. She was handcuffs for nearly 20 minutes as officers searched her home. Had they done their homework, they would have realized their real target was one apartment unit away, on home confinement with an electronic-monitoring bracelet.

LORI LIGHTFOOT: What I've directed my law department to do is, with respect to this one, if there is a pending case, get that case resolved.

DAVE SAVINI: Now, it appears the law department couldn't come to terms with Anjanette Young's attorney despite Mayor Lori Lightfoot's order in December to resolve the case after CBS 2 fought off an effort by her office to bury the story and reveal for the first time video of Young's raid.

Because of our investigation into its pattern of wrong raids, Chicago police have created a new search warrant and raid policy. And just in the last three years, the city has spent millions of dollars settling wrong raid cases. And they've spent millions more paying private attorneys to defend the city in court. Dave Savini, CBS 2 investigators.