Ankeny police find unexploded device in city

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Ankeny police confirmed to Axios that they handed out letters Thursday to some residents alerting them to a recently defused "unexploded device" in their area.

  • The letters were passed out in Southeast Waywin Drive and surrounding neighborhoods, said Ankeny police Sgt. Corey Schneden.

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Details: Ankeny police received multiple calls about "explosions over the past few months in your neighborhood," according to the letter, which was provided to Axios by a resident.

  • Police recently found an "unexploded device," which law enforcement addressed. Schneden declined to share specifics about the device.

  • The letter asks residents for help identifying the person(s) responsible, including to watch for suspicious vehicles and people late at night and call Ankeny PD if they stumble upon a suspicious object.

Context: Residents have been extra vigilant since Ankeny police discovered a live pipe bomb near a polling site March 2. There are still few details about who planted the bomb at the Lakeside Center, which was found during a special election.

  • It's unknown if the recently found device is related to the pipe bomb, Schneden said.

  • As we previously reported, some residents say they've experienced booms so loud in recent months that it's shaken their homes.

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