Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Attends Janet Jackson Concert

Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Attends Janet Jackson Concert
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Dannielynn Birkhead is only 15 years old, but when it comes to music, she has a clear appreciation for the classics.

The daughter of late model and actor Anna Nicole Smith attended the final night of the Cincinnati Music Festival alongside her father, Larry Birkhead, July 23, to see the timeless icon headlining the event — Janet Jackson.

But not just onstage.

As a photo posted to the Instagram page the 15-year-old shares with her dad proves, they also had a chance to see the “Rhythm Nation” icon up close after the show.

"After hours of singing, dancing and sweating through the @cincymusicfest we got to hang with @janetjackson," the caption that accompanied the pic read. "She killed it, managed to include all of her hits, sing and dance in the heat and still find time for two of her fans. A great weekend. How cute is Janet 👀 ❤️?"

Of course, the 56-year-old wasn't the only cute one. Right beside her was Dannielynn, who flashed a big — and familiar looking — smile.

Anna Nicole Smith (Ron Davis / Getty Images)
Anna Nicole Smith (Ron Davis / Getty Images)

The blond teen bears a strong resemblance to her mother.

As for her father, he shared a carousel of several other photos featuring him and Dannielynn, as well as past glimpses of Jackson, before they left for their big night out.

"Heading out to Dannielynn’s second Janet Jackson concert (my millionth 😂)in Cincinnati as we sit here arguing which one of us is the bigger Janet fan 😆," he wrote alongside the pics. "It’s going to be 'Nasty' outside in the 100 degrees weather, but we are looking forward to it. 🎶"

Back in May, Birkhead posted several photos from Dannielynn's first Jackson concert, too.

"Dannielynn was so excited to not only get to meet Janet (while wearing her outfit that she wore to the same party) but also to attend her 1st Janet concert," the 49-year-old noted at the time. "She loved all the music, but was super excited to hear 'Black Cat' She learned the song on her guitar, just in case Janet’s guitarist 'got sick,' and she would have to jump up and play it at the concert. 😂"

Birkhead shared another message filled with sweet boasts about his daughter in February, as he marked the 15th anniversary of her mother's death with a memorial message to Smith.

“Your love is alive still to this day, in the form of a truly one of a kind teenager with her Mom’s smile, beauty and courage,” Birkhead wrote.