Anne Arundel County Police Sergeant, 'Millennial Marchers' Continue Discussions On Equality, Positive Change

In the heat of last summer as tensions across the country grew just as hot, Anne Arundel County Police Sergeant Kam Cooke was patrolling a protest.

Video Transcript

NICOLE BAKER: All right, Bob, thank you. Well each week in a segment called Unifying America, WJZ and CBS are sharing stories about people who are bringing us together at a time when racial and cultural differences sometimes separate us.

DENISE KOCH: Annie Rose Ramos brings us the story of one Anne Arundel County Sergeant and a young protester, and how their courage brought them together.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: In the heat of last summer, as tensions across the country grew just as hot, Anne Arundel County Sergeant Kam Cooke was patrolling a protest.

KAM COOKE: A protest in Savannah Park last year that I happened to be working.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: He got out of his car and stopped to have a chat.

KAM COOKE: I met Emma and a few other young people that were expressing their right to hold a protest.

EMMA DYE: Our goal is to kind of just educate the communities on different types of racism that we see.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: Emma is the co-creator of Millennial Marchers, holding peaceful protests to promote equality and positive change.

EMMA DYE: In the beginning, I was scared to speak out, but then I knew that there needed to be a change.

HANSEL MOTIRAM: I came after Emma.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: More millennials like Hansel joined the marches, relating to the pain felt across the country.

HANSEL MOTIRAM: The pain of being stereotyped or profiled.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: And since the summer, these three have kept talking, no matter how uncomfortable.

EMMA DYE: Some of the conversations are going to be uncomfortable, but that's how you learn, that's how you grow.

KAM COOKE: We can't be afraid to have conversations with people. When we start to do that is when we start to really see that change.

HANSEL MOTIRAM: If we implement the right changes, it will bring greater unity for everybody.

ANNIE ROSE RAMOS: Annie Rose Ramos, reporting for WJZ.