Anne Hathaway Needs To Drop the 411 on Her Skincare Routine After Glowing Bed Selfie

There aren't many A-listers that can post a bare-faced selfie and have you wondering about their skincare secret to the fountain of youth, but Anne Hathaway is one of them.

The actor took to Instagram to causally post her lounging and relaxing in all of her glory. Hathaway is sporting a crisp white robe, propped up with fluffy pillows, with her long tresses fanned out behind her. The star of the moment is her fresh face. As a beauty enthusiast, I can detect a hint of makeup, with a trace of blush and a little mascara making up for a chic and breathtaking selfie moment. As one knows, it's the caring for the skin underneath that makes any beat really glow to its fullest potential. That being said, we really want to know the direct products the actor uses in her regime because the skin is skinning — and we're here for it.

Hathaway's selfie looks so good that even Miranda Priestly would have to do a double-take and give our girl her props. Just a note if this edit catches her eyes: Drop-the-deets-sis.


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