Anne Lamott’s 'Dusk Night Dawn' inspires hope and forgiveness

Anne Lamott decided to write her new book, “Dusk Night Dawn,” after traveling around the country and meeting people who felt “scared and defeated.” She says the book is about “how we sustain faith and sustain our spirits” in “really dark times." (March 28)

Video Transcript

ANNE LAMOTT: I was traveling around the country back when we did such things, two years ago, and, you know, to talk about hope and everywhere I went-- any hope, they felt scared and defeated, you know? And this is right around the time that the UN climate paper reports come out, it's right before Australia catches fire, an entire continent, kind of, the first in my experience, the country really devastated and torn asunder politically, and then God knows what was just going on at the dining room table. And so I thought-- I mean, people kept asking where do I even begin. Where do we even begin to get our confidence back and to get a second wind? And so I wrote a book about it. And that's what "Dusk Night Dawn" turned out to be. It's where we start and how we sustain faith and sustain our spirits, too, through really dark times.

I haven't been to my church for a year. That's my spiritual gas station. And I haven't been able to snuggle with them, and hold hands with people, and burrow into their necks. But, you know-- so suffering is suffering and it's been really hard. And-- but, you know, I-- what's helped me the most, I think, is approaching this as COVID college, you know? And in a lot of my earlier books I talk about life on earth being forgiveness school and now I'm in COVID college. And it's a graduate course. And we-- because so much was taken away, so much of where we could go or what we could do, we needed to find new daily rituals and practices. And I love my old daily rituals and practices, that's why I used to do them every day. And, you know, I had all these armored habits that kept me less exposed and less vulnerable, like we were talking about, you know? I feel a lot less well-armored in-- at COVID college.