Annual US 25 Yard Sale returning in June

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May 17—On June 2 and 3, the US 25 Yard Sale returns for its 12th annual statewide event. Beginning in Richwood, Boone County, and ending at on the south side of Jellico, Tennessee, the event is among the 10 longest and highest-rated yard sale events in the country.

Grant County celebrates its position as the founding member of the event with a Founder's Day Sale on Thursday, June 1, in that county only. The event was created in 2012 by Williamstown resident Judy Wigginton. The yard sale continues for the remainder of the route south on Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3.

If you would like more information, you can check our US 25 Yard Sale page on Facebook. Look for Hot Spots postings and for information on potential rental spaces. Good luck, set up safely and legally, and have a blast on the 12th annual US 25 Yard Sale.

The US 25 Yard Sale is organized by unpaid volunteers. All promotion is donated and much appreciated.