Anonymous Broadway Actor Provides COVID Vaccine Updates For New Jersey Residents

A Broadway actor is trying to make life a little easier for those struggling to get the COVID vaccine; CBS2's Jessica Layton reports.

Video Transcript

MAURICE DUBOIS: A mystery man, a Broadway actor is performing heroic acts for people struggling to get the vaccine.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: CBS 2's Jessica Layton introduces us to the anonymous appointment angel in New Jersey.

JESSICA LAYTON: Even in masks, their smiles and their stickers tell a story of success.

JOSEPH DEROSA: You just want to see them be able to have this be over with for them and feel like they're safe.

JESSICA LAYTON: Joe DeRosa is celebrating a vaccination victory for his parents. The Ocean County couple couldn't get an appointment. So like thousands of others, their son turned to VaxxUpdates for guidance.

You are helping so many people. Why do you not want your face or your name to be out there?

- It's just again, important that it stays true to the message, which again, is to get eligible New Jerseyans vaccinated as soon as possible.

JESSICA LAYTON: The man behind the Twitter account has been anonymously working to help patients secure slots in New Jersey, a mission born out of the frustration of trying to first help older family members.

- The process is just super confusing. Every county is different. It was a bit of a mess. There's no centralized information.

JESSICA LAYTON: Constantly keeping tabs on about 40 different websites, tweeting up to the minute information, like which centers are open and which have appointments available.

- Out of the four weeks that I've been around now, we have gotten over 4,000 appointments for eligible New Jerseyans.

JESSICA LAYTON: This mystery man tells me he is an actor on hiatus, using his free time right now not only to make the vaccination process a little easier, but to highlight his colleagues who are out of work while the lights are dim on Broadway.

- We want to get all of us back into work. It's important that everybody gets vaccinated as soon as they can because we want to get this country back on track.

JESSICA LAYTON: It's not a role he ever imagined. But he's proud to do his part in the pandemic.

Jessica Layton, CBS 2 News.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: And he is asking people to pay his help forward by making a donation to The Actors Fund. To do so just go to our website,